Updated 19 May 2020

Update from 1.6 to higher

1. Update your current project to Unity 2019.3.3 or higher

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2. Remove Firebase SDK (Remove folders: "Editor Default Resources", "Firebase", "Parse", "Plugins")

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3. Remove manifest.json or Packages folder

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4. Import new package from asset store

IMPORTANT! If you don’t have a context menu "SAT" - just restart the Unity.

5. Add firebase SDK. Execute SAT => Import Firebase SDK

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IMPORTANT! If you don’t have a context menu "SAT" - just restart the Unity.

6. Setup android project. Execute SAT => Setup Android Project

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7. Reopen project

Update your firebase cloud function

1. Install Node.js https://nodejs.org/en/ and unzip FirebaseFunctions.rar located at Assets/SocialAppTemplate/FirebaseCloudFunctions/FirebaseFunctions.rar

2. Run Command Prompt

3. cd unzipped folder (Example "cd C:\Users\uavrf\OneDrive\Desktop\FirebaseFunctions")

4 npm install npm@latest -g

5. npm install -g firebase-tools

6. firebase login

7. firebase init functions

8. Are you ready to proceed? Yes

9. What language would you like to use to write Cloud Functions? JavaScript

10. Do you want to use ESLint to catch probable bugs and enforce style? Yes

11. File functions/package.json already exists. Overwrite? No

12. File functions/.eslintrc.json already exists. Overwrite? No

13. File functions/tsconfig.json already exists. Overwrite? No

14. File functions/index.js already exists. Overwrite? No

15. File functions/.gitignore already exists. Overwrite? No

16. Do you want to install dependencies with npm now? Yes

17. firebase use --add 

18. "Select you project from list"

19. What alias do you want to use for this project? (e.g. staging) staging

20. cd functions

21. npm install tslint typescript -g

22. npm install firebase-admin@latest

23. npm install firebase-functions@latest

24. npm install

25. npm audit fix

26. firebase deploy

if you have any questions, please contact us assets@uni-bit.com