Updated 19 May 2020


This is template for social app like Facebook made on Unity. Firebase is used as backend. This package contains everything you need to start developing your social network.

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Here are the main features: - Registration/ Email verification - Login system - User profile (Set image profile from camera/gallery) - Friend list (invite, remove, add). - Friends.Requested. Pending. Search - View user profile - Make post (text, image, video) from camera or gallery - Post likes system - Post comments - Endless news feed with no memory leak and performance down - Filter news feed. See your posts, posts only friends, or posts of all users - Friend messaging system/chat - Group chat. Add new chat. Leave chat - Video/Audio calls with agora.io - Send direct message to user(Text, links, emoji, image) - Native emoji support - Auto detect and add clickable links in text - Firebase backend - Control quality of upload image - Check online status, last activity - Automatically loads profile photos with different sizes (1024, 512, 256, 128) for better app performance - Automatically convert any users video to mp4 with H.256 codec on server side for better app performance - See when user typing message - Firebase push notifications - Well structured database. The query time does not depend on the size of the database. - Count of unread messages, friends post - Work on IOS/Android if you have any questions, please contact us assets@uni-bit.com