5. Facebook advertisment

Time Auction chose Facebook as their advertising platform. According to their funnel they designed 3 different advertisement formats, they used different images, videos, and text to conduct A/B testing. They focused on Facebook advertisements for 3 weeks and the following are the results.

Video ads 

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They used videos to gain new customers, retain existing users, and get users to revisit by emphasizing the content of the activity and the guests. The team designed 2 video ads, one using the photos of the celebrity guests and the other using the highlights of previous activities. They also used corresponding text including the call-to-action (CTA) :

"Donate to support Time Auction and get the chance to meet a company CEO, entrepreneur, or a celebrity! Every activity has 2 quotas reserved for donors. Please donate now!"
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Just like the captions with CTS, Time Auction team designed a carousel format advertisement. They tell the target audience who will be speaking at the celebrity meetup. They are also able to instantly browse the information of the guests that they are interested in, then apply subsequently. This helped increase the brand awareness and brand interest of Time Auction’s target audience.

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The links ads used the portraits of the celebrities and captions to tell the story of that celebrity.

"Growing up in a grassroots family, June Leung went from being an English Teacher to Chairperson of a listed company and award-winning Entrepreneur. Donate to charity & join, only 2 seats available!) Thus hope to increase the traffic of the website."

Week 1 

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During week 1, Time Auction established some advertisement settings according to their funnel:

Top funnel:

  1. Business Owners

  2. Entrepreneurs

Middle Funnel:

  1. Current Customers

  2. Potential customers who have seen ads

  3. Potential customers

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According to the characteristics of each customer group (5 in total), they designed 26 ads (including Chinese and English). They found out that carousel ads performed the best with a CPC of $1.

Week 2

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After 1 week of observation, Time Auction changed the advertisement settings. They chose to only use carousel ads for the top and middle funnel. The target customers in the top funnel can also directly apply for the dinner meetup instead of having to browse their website before applying.

Through this change in the second week, they discovered that the resume and background of the celebrities were able to better attract the target audience so each ad required a unique caption to emphasize the character of the celebrity. 

Week 3

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In the 3rd week, Time Auction made some more changes. This time the top funnel remained the same but the in the bottom funnel they focused on introducing the celebrities and their individual stories.

Learn from mistakes

At first, the Time Auction used the success of the celebrity in their career as the caption content.

"Meet the “Tutorial Queen” and learn from this outstanding women entrepreneur who chairs a HK listed company. Donate to charity & join, only 2 seats available!" 

However, this was controversial and brought a lot of negative comments so we reflected our positioning for the caption then decided to make some changes.

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Time Auction changed the caption to

"Growing up in a grassroots family, June Leung went from being an English Teacher to Chairperson of a listed company and award-winning Entrepreneur. Donate to charity & join, only 2 seats available!"

By focusing on each celebrities unique success story and background, they were able to sell out the 2 last quotas in 3 days.

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