1. Student Outcome

i. Brand Partnership: Cook1Cook 

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Cook1Cook is a recipe sharing platform created by a group of social media users. teenagers. It gives women & cooking lovers a platform to share their knowledge of cooking. Users who consistently share recipes on the platform are eligible to receive cash rewards or donations under their name to a charity. It aims to use the power of food to improve the living quality of women and bring positive change to the community.

ii. Strategies for Cook1Cook from participants: AARRR model 

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Revenue & CPC in the AARRR model is an important metric in Growth Marketing. It represents Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue.

This model provides a basic structure that can not only assess the health of a product in its lifecycle but also helps focus on our business goals and strategies when iterating products. It also defines the correct KPI to verify success or failure.

iii. Key Performance 

Earned $18,000 in sales in 11 days and increased ROI by 349% by sharing recipes.