Welcome to Kaedim's Web App πŸŽ‰

At Kaedim, we are building AI algorithms that transform 2D inputs into 3D content.

Transform your 2D art into 3D Content ⚑

With our web app, we enable artists and game devs to quickly prototype, create and iterate their 3D art, in a cost effective way.

For a quick demo video please see here.

Getting your 3D team ready for the future πŸ’«

This is what we offer:

🍰 Easy - All you need is a 2D image (photo, sketch or concept art), we’ll return your 3D model.Β 

πŸ“₯ Export anywhere - Download your 3D model and use it in your favourite 3D modelling software.

πŸ”’ Privacy guaranteed - Any IP you upload to our platform is 100% yours. Our data is also encrypted for extra security.

⏰ 24/7 Processing - We generate your 3D models 24/7


Updated 29 Jun 2022
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