Quick Start

Bytebase - The engineer's notepad

Bytebase is the engineer's notepad. It's the fastest way to write notes as you work and to keep them somewhat organized.


Insert mode (space)

Enter text in the textbox at the bottom of the screen. Hit space to bring focus to the textbox.

Command mode ( K)

cmd k / ctrl k is the door to all actions for buckets and bytes. It opens a searchable command palette relevant to your current selection. If no notes are selected, it acts on the current bucket. 

To select a note, use /  

Common commands include Assign color,  Move, and Copy.

Bytes & Buckets


Bytes are notes that have no children.

To create your first byte, hit space to bring focus to the textbox at the bottom of the screen. Then type some text and hit enter

create a byte
create a byte


Buckets are bytes that have children or that are explicitly marked as buckets.

Create your first bucket by selecting your byte and using your right arrow to navigate in.  Add a new byte and hit enter

Convert byte to bucket
Convert byte to bucket

Updated 02 May 2022
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