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1. A phone interview is needed

“This Bootcamp is not for everyone.”

Fill out the online form & Book a phone interview

Be passionate and committed - As the bootcamp is very intensive and requires tremendous effort, you can't achieve the best learning results without serious commitment. We want everyone in the team to be dedicated so all students can enjoy the best project outcome.

We expect you to be determined to learn, aspiring to make a career change, impactful in your existing company, and even excited to build a new startup.

You have to enjoy being digitally savvy as most of the tools & techniques would be web-based.

2. Time commitment: 

You have to spend around 100 hours in 3 months.

You will form a team with 5 - 8 classmates to build & market a business online. On average, you will have to dedicate an extra 3-4 hours every week to complete the project with your team. Team meeting schedules and work division will be decided among teammates.

You have to study the notes and the class recordings to ensure you don't fall behind if you are unable to attend the class.

3. Pricing: 

Compared with most overseas programs that charge HKD15k - 30k, we are trying to make our bootcamp affordable for passionate learners who want to make a change in their careers. A project spending of over HKD5k per team is included in the fee.

Onsite (HKD)

Online (HKD)




2 Co-Apply



3 Co-Apply



University Students & NGO



*Payment of 2 & 3 Co-Apply:

Payments for 2 co-apply/ 3 co-apply packages are to be completed by one individual.

Onsite VS Online Class

Onsite: You can choose to either attend the bootcamp onsite or via live streaming. Online: You will only attend the bootcamp via live streaming.

Guaranteed Refund:

If you have attended all the courses and finished all the assignments but still feel like we have failed to deliver or the course is not what you expected, you may make a request to drop out of the bootcamp by the end of the 3rd class. We will offer you a 50% unconditional refund as long as you have attended the lessons and completed the assignments.

More discount!

University student & NGO discount: We offer a special price to university undergraduates & NGO marketers. An instalment payment plan is also provided for undergraduate students. Please contact us for more information.
Referral discount: If you successfully help a friend join the bootcamp, both you and your friend will enjoy a special discount.
Terms & Conditions For Discount/ Coupon Code: All coupon codes can only be used in single application. Discount is not applicable to use with other promotions (eg: 2 Co-Apply, Scholarship Program, NGO discount, etc)

4. Others: 

🔤 Language: The bootcamp will be conducted in Cantonese while the materials and slides will be in English.

🎓 Graduate certificate: We will provide a smart certificate (online) for students who have successfully completed the team project and graduated from the bootcamp. 

5. Terms & Conditions:

  1. No refund, make-up class, or alternative compensation will be given for class cancellations due to circumstances beyond the control of the Growth Marketer Academy. This includes, but is not limited to outbreaks of riots, civil commotion, epidemics, natural disasters etc. However, due to the unique and unprecedented nature of Covid-19 and our commitment to best serve our customers, we are in this instance offering alternatives as per below while GMA reserves the right to make the final decision.
  2. The potential corresponding changes will be made to the course according to the COVID situation incl. e.g. adjust/ postpone class time or change the hybrid class format to 100% online teaching etc. Please consider these factors before enrolling. No refund will be issued except under the condition stated in (2.1).
    1. If the onsite class was switched to purely virtual and the virtual class charges a lower price, we will refund the price gap between onsite & virtual courses. ( If the virtual class charges the same price, no refund will be issued.)
    2. If the onsite class was rescheduled, you may apply to enrol into our next onsite cohort within the next 4 months with a proof of unavailability which is acceptable to GMA and GMA will reserve the final right to decide (e.g. medical issue is legit reasons. However, being busy or crashing with your personal schedule isn’t acceptable.)
  3. The surcharge of credit card/ payment gateway is non-refundable.
  4. If you paid by credit card, the refund procedure will be handled by the credit card/ payment gateway company. The refund period depends on the refund processing arrangements of the credit card/ payment gateway company.
  5. Growth Marketer Academy reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and to cancel or terminate this course.

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