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Updated 22 Aug 2020

Reseller Partner

What is Reseller Partner?

It means you are going to provide services in our partnership, we both are partners and doing business together.

How it will work?

Being partners we will distribute responsibilities, our work is to invest in the system provide you the best possible services, managing back-end including servers, proxies, accounts for tools, system management, handling everything at the back-end.

You need to focus on indulging customers into the system, provide them support and manage the payments.

What do I need to start as a Reseller Partner?

You need to pay us a minimal fee of $200 for setup and $200 as the security deposit, that setup will include a website, domain, hosting, aMember setup with paid plugins, tools setup, and we will invest the same amount from our end to set up SEO tools for your website including proxies, VPN, VPS, tools and other technical stuff.

How much time it will take to complete the setup?

Complete setup takes between 7 to 10 business days, its a lengthy work to design a front-end website, setup tools, setup member, pricing, plans, overall integration with the system and a lot of other work is required. Once setup is complete you are good to go.

How many loads your system can handle?

Our system is completely scalable, currently, we are hosting over 3000 customers from different partners and resellers on this system and we can still host more than 5000 users without upgrading anything in our system.

How will you distribute the amount?

At the end of every month, we will check the total earning of the system (after refunds and gateway charges) and the amount will be divided into two partners. We will keep 60% and you will get a 40% share. Our 60% share will also include the cost we have to bear at our end including server, hosting, VPS, VPN, IPs, and other stuff as well, while 40% is the total profit you are going to keep and you don't need to bear any cost.

What tools provided in this plan?

For Direct Access Based

Where can I see my sales?

You have your own website, members will pay you there, we have no link with your sales and support system.

How do I pay you?

Google Pay, Bitcoin, Local and International Bank Transfer, UPI, Easy Paisa, Payoneer, Skrill or via PayPal.

How much can I earn?

Its totally depend on you, you have the freedom to set up your own prices, you can bring as much customer as you want to earn. Some of our resellers earn more than $500 per month.

Note: You need to provide us with your website link and pricing so that we can verify and provide you. No coupon will be provided if you don't have any website setup with pricing.