Updated 22 May 2020

SAAS Based - Software

What is a SAAS model?

It means Software as a Service - means we will provide you service and you will handle the rest

What will be included in it?

Everything - A domain name, web hosting, Proxies, Most of the tools (Please check Tools Offered tab for the list of tools offered), Servers, aMember Software, Complete setup, Technical Support, Development, and Maintenance.

How it will work?

We will provide you with everything you need to run business, all you need is to arrange a few tools and start selling services. You will get a ready-made website just bring customers and start making money online.

Does software work only for window or does it work for mac users also?

The software will work only for window users, but if you need RDP Setup (a remote desktop connection that will run our software in Mac then extra $75 per month is billed for 32 GB RDP RAM).

How much I have to pay?

You need to pay $300- One-time setup fees (Normally we charge $600. This offer is only for first 10 resellers) $150* per month - Depends on the number of users and that includes everything (proxies, hosting, support, maintenance etc...)

What if I cannot afford setup fees?

We can offer you instalments plan

$100 you pay for a setup fee. Then you pay remaining $200 in the next 2 months.

How many users your system can handle?

We have a flexible system hosted on elastic servers we can increase limits any time, so you don't need to worry about resources with us.

Are there any usage limits?

Yes, if you have 1 to 50 customers then you need to pay $150 per month, if you have 51 to 100 customers then you need to pay $190 per month, if you have 101 to 200 customers then you need to pay $190. if you have 201 to 300 customers then you need to pay $250. if you have 301 to 400 customers then you need to pay $390.

Can I start my own affiliate network?

Sure we love to see you grow, you can start selling services via affiliates too, we won't restrict you on selling.

Tools Provided in SAAS Software

For SAAS Based

✓ Kwfinder

✓ Vyond

✓ Ninjaoutreach

✓ Funnelscript

✓ Beacon

✓ Dropshipspy

✓ Animoto

✓ Anstrex Native + Push

✓ Longtail Pro

✓ Woorank

✓ Longtail Pro

✓ Flaticon

✓ Freepik

✓ Randerforest

✓ SEO Moz

✓ Grammarly

✓ Getstencil

✓ Grammarly

✓ Stockunlimited

✓ Keywordreavealer

✓ Canva

✓ Envato elements

✓ Videoblock

✓ AudioBlocks

✓ Storyblocks

✓ Article Builder

✓ Linkdin Learning

✓ Udemy Course

✓ Alexa

✓ Spyfu

✓ Woocrack

✓ Picmonkey

✓ Twenty20

✓ Nobuna 

✓ Crazyegg 

✓ Findthatlead 

✓ Missinglettr 

✓ Salehoo

✓ CBEngine  

✓ Crazyegg 

✓ Findthatlead 

✓ Missinglettr 

✓ Salehoo

✓ Spinrewriter

✓ Quetext

✓ Fotor Pro

✓ Pixteller

✓ Startups

✓ Relaythat

✓ Ohmylead

✓ Copydyno

✓ Hellowoofy

✓ Socialbee

✓ Quuu

✓ Leadpages

✓ Unbounce

✓ Storybase

✓ Treetreehouse

✓ Wordtracker

✓ Skillshare

✓ Hootsuite

✓ Automat.io

✓ Magisto

✓ PNGTree

✓ AMZ.one

✓ Sellerapp

✓ Amazeowl

✓ Sellics

✓ Booklikeboss

✓ AMZTracker

✓ Buzzstream

✓ Picktochart

✓ Serpbook

✓ Picktochart

✓ Serpbook

✓ SEOMator

✓ Sellthetrend

✓ Spamzilla

We can add extra tools at onetime setup fee of $20 per tool (make sure you provide us with the tool and setup will be done within 48 hours)

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