Updated 17 Apr 2020


To run promotions on the website we have built a handy form to have those pass into asana for easy management.

Schedule a Promotion


What happens after i submit this?

This will be added into the Dakine Marketing Asana Board and Wick will make this script available in your Shopify Admin.

Why not use an automatic discount?

Great question. The issue with automatic discounts is that they currently can't:

  1. Be combined with any other codes (this includes warranty)
  2. Be limited to a specific customer base
  3. Be limited to a specific region

Due to these restrictions we don't see it as an ideal solution for your needs at this point in time.

Why not use Launchpad site discount?

Also great question. That can't be used as it would only adjust the facade pricing in shopify and not any of the pricebook data so not only would it not work but it could hurt the site ability to set the correct prices per region for customers.

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