Updated 25 Jan 2020

Some info about Archbee

2 November 2019

Product Description

Archbee is an all-in-one workspace for knowledge-based companies to build upon. It combines a knowledge management solution with a realtime chat solution. Basically, our vision is to bundle Notion & Slack.


The target are small companies (less than 200 employees) – startups, agencies, software development shops, niche product companies.


Data from customer interviews suggests the types of companies we are targeting are holding off on buying newer & better solutions like Slack+Notion mainly because:

  • the integration between these tools is often a lesser experience than that a bundled product;
  • the fear of adding bloat to their internal stack;
  • cost considerations; paying at least $8/month per user for a couple of these tools does not sit well with a small business owner or decision-maker;


Slack, Notion, Microsoft Teams, Confluence, Slite, Coda. Why will Archbee be a big player in this space? 

  • already great product;
  • targetting an underserved market;
  • technical founder with access to extraordinary technical talent in Bucharest, Romania;
  • the company will maintain capital efficiency.


SAAS: ColorElephant, Portfoliobox, MVPFactory, Waydev, WickCreative, Amediateka, CGI, eZdia, UNIBIT On-prem: fairly known bank in Europe (in progress implementation)


Solo founder, Chief Everything Officer, designer, developer - Dragos Bulugean Looking forward to building a world-class team.

What we need?

  • Advice on how to grow this;
  • Pre-seed round to form an initial small team.


Archbee is a capital-efficient company targetting a huge underserved market with a product that bundles products with proven utility.

In business, there are two ways to make money. You can bundle, or you can unbundle.

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